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School Introduction

Times College is located in Yanziji New Town of the cultural city, Nanjing, where is known as the famous educator Mr. Tao Xingzhi first founded school, is also a school running the most high-end brand K12 of IVY EDUCATION GROUP INC. (Washington). Jiangsu Times International School is a mixed private school with local government participation, several design masters have been working constantly strive for perfection on the school design for over three years, which makes the school like a rare art piece in China. The school sets up with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan, covering nearly 60,000 square metres, consisting of 16 republican style buildings with Western elements built by special green brick, each of which has no more than three floors where sitting along the hillside with dense greenery. The volume rate of the school is lower than the average of the top villa rate in China of 0.3, and the school manually replicates the Big Ben in campus. All the academic-oriented design concepts of the school are to create a green and natural learning paradise, and a great place for sports and leisure.

Ideas and Goals

The training goal of the times is to train the citizens of the world with the responsibility and influence.

    School characteristics

Campus environment
Times College is a British-style design with beautiful scenery and ingenuity. Teaching, dormitories, dining halls and other facilities are complete, elegant and fresh.

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make it our mission to train world citizens with strong responsibility and great impact


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